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TORSH Talent is an online, cloud-based professional learning platform that enables schools and organizations to support educator growth throughout the entire development lifecycle of assessment, observation, feedback, goal-setting, and coaching. TORSH Talent helps schools and organizations increase teacher instructional capacity, improve the delivery of teacher professional development, and generate insights into teacher effectiveness. On a day-to-day basis, TORSH Talent provide educators with tools and services that enable them to capture and reflect on their instructional practices, collaborate with mentors and peers, collect relevant classroom data to measure the effectiveness of classroom instruction, and work with instructional experts who can coach and provide on-demand advice that helps educators better understand how to meet the individual needs of their students.

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BASIC - $90/user/year
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ADD-ONS - $5 - $20/user/year

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BASIC - $63/user/year
PREMIUM - $105/user/year
ADVANCED - $140/user/year
ADD-ONS - $3.50 - $14.00/user/year

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