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Ripple Effects for Kids, Ripple Effects for Teens, Bouncy Ready to Learn Resiliency, Educator Ally
Ripple Effects products for student instruction are: Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience System (grades Pre K – 1), Ripple Effects for Kids (grades 2 – 5) and Ripple Effects for Teens (grades 6 -12). The programs are evidence based and proven effective, via over 15 scientific studies, for MTSS and mental health supports. The Bouncy program is designed for teacher facilitated classroom or small group use, while Kids and Teens programs are designed for self-directed, independent use OR staff facilitated use (in virtual, classroom/group or 1 to 1 settings).
Products for staff are: Data Viewer to track usage and progress monitoring of student activity. Playlist Creator to create and assign lessons to individual students or groups of students, and Educator Ally that provides personalized instruction to staff on SEL Leadership, classroom management and a section on mental health supports for staff.

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