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Qualtrics allows school systems to better understand the student, parent, and staff journeys: Easily collect feedback, provide real-time reporting and automated insights, and make data-driven decisions impacting the School Experience. Engage your stakeholders with always-on feedback through your website or mobile device or provide an open door for your employees to share feedback at any time. With powerful, automated text and statistical analysis, understand drivers of key performance indicators. Empower your staff to immediately take action on insights through mobile-friendly dashboards and automatic email/ticketing notifications.

Trust and confidence in institutions is decreasing. With growing options for school choice, trust can only be regained when stakeholders’ experience meets their expectations. By leveraging Qualtrics to improve the School Experience, you can drive teacher engagement and strengthen parent relationships in order to amplify the student voice.

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Ford Poulsen, Texas Regional Sales Manager
Telephone: 469-321-7676
Email: Stanfordp@qualtrircs.com

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