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Otus works with schools on their specific initiatives; Data Analytics, Common Assessments, Standards-Based Grading, Personalized Learning, Data Informed Instruction and more.

Otus provides different tiers of engagement, so school districts can sign on for as much or as little as they like. Our tiers include:

  • Data & Analytics
  • Assessment & Data Analytics
  • Learning & Classroom Management, Assessment & Data Analytics

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Otus and Region 10 have developed special pricing for Region 10 districts. This pricing is 20% off of our standard pricing across all sizes of school districts.

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Use the contact information below to request a quote or more information about the product.  To utilize the EdTech Cooperative pricing, reference the contract number below on your purchase order. 

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McKay Hawkes
Telephone: 801.528.2411
Email: mckay@otus.com

Otus Website

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This product was competitively bid by the Region 10 EdTech Cooperative.