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Building on technology using Microsoft’s Speech Services (currently used by OED for Braille Literacy reinforcement), ObjectiveEd’s BuddyBooks reads with students and provides concrete data on how long students are reading the books they have been assigned. BuddyBooks will even help you determine if students are not reading at all.

Using the teacher web-dashboard, teachers can monitor how many minutes their students have read in the past week, the phonemes they are struggling with, and the student’s overall reading accuracy and speed. Additionally, teachers can listen to audio files of specific passages that students struggled with, giving a better understanding of their difficulties.

ObjectiveEd’s reinforcement curriculum for students with visual impairments works in conjunction with direct instruction giving pre-K through 12th grade students the ability to practice what is taught when the teacher is not around.  Student progress is tracked in a secure cloud, available to the teacher and the IEP team through a web-based dashboard. 

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