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ObjectiveEd creates curriculum-based games that work in conjunction with direct instruction giving pre-K through 12th grade students with visual impairments the ability to practice what is taught, when the teacher is not around. The skills are based on each student’s individual IEP and come from the Core and Expanded Core Curriculum. Each game operates uniquely, based on the objectives & skills that teachers want their student to learn and practice. Student progress is tracked in a secure cloud, available to the teacher and the IEP team through a web-based dashboard.

The games teach skills including assistive technology (voice over gestures, keyboard efficiency), braille literacy (pre-braille, contractions, speed), sensory efficiency (audio location & movement cues), orientation & mobility, and social interaction.

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$1000 minimum purchase
$75 per student for O&M/Assistive Technology
$150 per student for Braille (which includes O&M/Assistive Technology)

If you do not have enough students to meet the minimum purchase, contact info@objectiveed.com for assistance.

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Jason Stewart - Director of Customer Success
Telephone: (903) 520-9065
Email: jason.stewart@objectiveed.com

ObjectiveEd Website

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