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Nearpod offers site and district licenses using a teacher-based model. Access to Nearpod’s licenses provides teachers the ability to create their own content from scratch. Our content creation tool allows teachers to add various assessments and features into their lessons (new and old) to keep students engaged, focused, and attentive. Some of the features Nearpod has include: Virtual Reality Field Trips, movable 3D Objects, Draw It!, Open Ended Questions, Quizzes, and Polls.

Nearpod licenses come with over 6000 fully editable, standards aligned, ready-to-teach, lessons for teachers to use in K-12 classrooms. Nearpod offers a variety of lesson types including hook lessons, assessments, warm-ups, skill-builders, and full instructional lessons. All lessons as fully customizable, offering instructors the opportunity to personalize and differentiate lessons for their own classroom needs.
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