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Please see below for purchasing instructions. is a simple but intuitive tool that enables companies to break down silos between departments and allows people to manage work, meet deadlines and build a culture of accountability, collaboration, and transparency.
With a single glance anyone can see the progress of any project or task and the steps needed to keep them moving forward. Additionally, individuals know exactly what they are responsible for and exactly what tasks they should be completing as they roll-up into a larger project. Alongside the execution of tasks, allows companies to significantly reduce email and eliminate or shorten meetings by having all projects and tasks transparently available in real time, as well as being able to communicate directly within the platform with project and task owners. This then centralizes all communication, history, and activities of the task or project. All in all, allows organizations to manage all work processes in one single tool; one source of truth.

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$18 per user per month. This includes the additional 25% discount provided through the EdTech Purchasing Cooperative.

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Use the contact information below to request a quote or more information about the product.  To utilize the Region 10 EdTech Cooperative pricing, reference the contract number below on your purchase order.

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Nate Sebastian - Senior Product Consultant
Telephone: 347.809.3279

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