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At Mathspace, we believe every student can excel at math with the right help at the right time. That’s why our platform has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate an adaptive assessment component with step-by-step feedback designed to replicate a one-to-one tutoring experience. Because of the computer-adaptive nature of our solution, it can be used independently by students with or without extensive teacher intervention. Further, Mathspace is easy to access anywhere there is connectivity with no plug-ins or install required.

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Mathspace student subscription licenses are $15 per student/per year. Product number NA|160801-SE.

Professional development prices include: One hour virtual - $300 per unit- Product number NAP160818 Half-day onsite- $1,500 per unit- Product number NAP160820 Full-day onsite- $2,500 per unit- Product number NAP160822

*Teacher licenses are provided at no charge.
*Minimum required PD is three virtual hours per 10 teachers. For example, for 20 teachers, six virtual hours are required.

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Mathspace will provide customer with order form referencing pricing above and contract number ET202111907.

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Tina McMechen, EdD - Global Sales Manager
Telephone: 870.243.2722

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This product was competitively bid by the Region 10 EdTech Cooperative.