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LearnSafe is a student cybersafety solution that monitors student behavior on school-owned computers. LearnSafe recognizes key words and phrases on the screen and creates a screen capture that is secured in the LearnSafe console. A team of dedicated professionals reviews this information and informs school leaders when there are instances or self-harm, harm to others, accessing adult content, bullying, drug related issues, child pornography, predatory grooming and more. LearnSafe runs on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks and distinguishes between words and phrases that are actively typed or passively viewed.

With the release of Version 10 of LearnSafe schools now have internal communication systems and auditing trails to allow for record keeping of significant issues. As a completely cloud hosted system the impact on technology staff is minimal and easy to use.

LearnSafe is a product of SlateXP, Inc.

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LearnSafe pricing for Region 10 members is discounted to make the system more affordable. For small, typically rural districts there is an affordable flat rate. Contact us to learn more about the benefits Region 10 members enjoy when using LearnSafe.

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Use the contact information below to request a quote or more information about the product. To utilize the EdTech Cooperative pricing, reference the contract number below on your purchase order.

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David Orlin - Regional Account Executive, Southwest
Telephone: 832.841.8788
Email: dorlin@slatexp.com

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