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LearnPlatform is a comprehensive edtech effectiveness system for administrators. It helps educators produce evidence of what’s working in their environment and with their students and put it to work across their organization to continuously improve the safety, equity and cost-effectiveness of their educational technology. With LearnPlatform, K-12 districts can inventory and manage their digital learning tools, streamline edtech request and approval processes to ensure their safety and compliance with regulations, and generate evidence of their effectiveness, equity and value to inform district decisions.

Both local and state education agencies use the research-based LearnPlatform to inform instructional, operational and budget decisions. Education organizations continuously improve standards of practice that drive blended and personalized learning at scale, expand equitable access to effective education technologies and advance student outcomes.

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A 10% discount on LearnPlatform subscriptions and services is applied for all districts purchasing through Region 10. The LearnPlatform Professional License, which helps districts organize and share edtech information, can be combined with modules to handle requests, manage providers, gather feedback and perform rapid-cycle evaluation. Contact your regional director of partnerships for specific pricing or quotes.

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Salma Ibrahim - Director of Sales Enablement
Email: salma.ibrahim@learnplatform.com

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