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IXL is a personalized learning platform that helps educators differentiate instruction and accelerate learning for all students. IXL is built on four key components: the Real-Time Diagnostic for both continuous and benchmark assessment; a comprehensive TEKS-aligned curriculum in math, ELA, science and social studies; personalized guidance; and actionable analytics. IXL also offers flexible and customized onsite, virtual, and on-demand professional development. IXL is used by more than 13 million students and 800,000 teachers in over 190 countries worldwide, including over 1 million students in Texas. Today, one in five students in the U.S. is learning on IXL.

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IXL offers tiered pricing based on the number of subjects and students subscribed. Please contact Wendy Coffman for more information.

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Please contact Wendy Coffman for pricing information. To utilize the EdTech Cooperative pricing, reference the contract number below on your purchase order.

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Wendy Coffman - Regional Sales Manager
Telephone: 281.384.9934
Email: wendyc@ixl.com

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