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Live 1:1 Online Tutoring: Live 1:1 Instruction (each student with live tutor) to accelerate learning outcomes for students Grades 3rd-12th.

Ideally Used For: Intervention, RTI, MTSS, STAAR Readiness, EOC Prep, College and Career Readiness (TSIa Prep), EOC Re-Test Support, 24/7 Homework/Course Help

Student Populations: General Title I, Tier II & Tier III RTI, English Language Learners, Migrant Students, Homeless and Foster Youth, Non-Public Student Support, Other ESSA Related Initiatives

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School/District License Model
*License Price is Calculated: Number of hours x $25/hour/student = License Cost(Ex: 1,000 hrs = $25,000)
0-4,999 hours = $25.00/hour/student
5,000 hours - 9,999 hours = $23.00/hour/student
10,000 Hours - 19,999 hours = $22.00/hour/student
*Please reach out to your local representative for 20,000+ hours & ask about the BEST PRICING in TEXAS through the EdTech Cooperative.

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Contact Information:
Chad Green - Sr. Partnership Development Executive TEXAS
Telephone: 214.208.3752
Email: chad.g@fevtutor.com

Ryan Patenaude - Sr. Vice President
Telephone: 978.808.1423
Email: ryan.p@fevtutor.com

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