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Ellevation for Texas: Ellevation puts all information and data about and data about ELLs in one place, helping educators enhance instruction, save time, and improve collaboration. Ellevation includes our industry-leading LPAC Center, digital progress monitoring tools, a variety of dashboards that make students data actionable, and over 50 pre-developed ELL-focused reports and letters, including letters to parents that can be generated in 35 different languages. Ellevation also provides classroom teachers with tools to identify their ELL students, learn about their language acquisition needs, and collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure differentiated instruction.

Ellevation Strategies: Teachers use Ellevation Strategies to improve their instruction of English Learners. Ellevation Strategies offers a digital library of curated activities and strategies designed to help classroom teachers personalize instruction for ELLs across all grades and content areas. Using Ellevation Strategies helps teachers build background when starting lessons, ensure lessons are delivered clearly and comprehensively, encourage speaking and writing from their ELLs, foster interactions that facilitate learning, create spaces where academic language is learned in context and understood, and assess their students with an eye toward achieving proficiency in both content and language. Ellevation Strategies helps all teachers becom

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