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Edge•U is a powerful, instruction-focused professional learning system that adapts to the needs of educators. Edge•U builds teacher capacity by offering concise, just-in-time learning in the form of micro-credentials, or badges, to support educators with the challenges they face every day. With much instruction online and an ever increasing number of edtech tools, our program can make a real difference for teachers in utilizing necessary tools for learning.

Edge•U professional development will lead to increased teacher engagement and excitement to learn new skills which will in turn directly impact student learning. Edge•U is a program that allows teachers to choose the topics they want to learn about, gives them the opportunity to learn the tools and skills on their own time, at their own pace, and awards badges to participants for applying various topics in the classroom. The program creates a sense of personal accomplishment and excitement among all teaching professionals.

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$65 annual user fee (per user); one time $5 onboarding fee (per user)

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Katie Ritter
Director of Curriculum and Technology Integration
Telephone: (513) 761-3343
Email:  kritter@forward-edge.net

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