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Cypher Learning has three products: NEO an LMS for Schools and Universities, INDIE an LMS for Entrepreneurs, and MATRIX an LMS that focuses on Businesses. The CEO and Founder of CYPHER is Graham Glass, a serial entrepreneur with a track record of innovation. Graham has a strong background in education and software, having taught computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas and founding two education companies, so deep familiarity with the features that teachers and students need is in the company's DNA.

The company first started with NEO in 2009 which soon grew into a very popular LMS for schools. In 2010 the company launched the business version MATRIX. In 2017 INDIE, an LMS for Entrepreneurs was launched. The products are known for their beautiful user interfaces, a comprehensive set of features, pricing that provides great value for money, and professional support staff.

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NEO and MATRIX have different pricing models. NEO is based on how many students you will have, while MATRIX is based on active learners per month. We have flexible pricing that will allow you to go up and down in your plan as you see fit and can provide additional discounts for various accounts.

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Cypher Learning

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