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Assessment through games saves teachers a significant amount of time by streamlining and automating data collection. CTB software combines data from assessment games with teacher’s observations to develop a comprehensive profile of what each student has or has not learned. Our quick assessment games can be played at home or in class. Teachers receive the results, which help inform instruction and meet reporting requirements.

We also offer family engagement resources. Each day, families receive 1) a recommended activity specifically for their child, 2) a class activity, and 3) a read-aloud.

Everything we do is research-based. In fact, Cognitive ToyBox spun out of a National Science Foundation I-Corps for Learning grant at NYU with WestEd as our research partner. We are currently working on a Phase II grant funded by the federally-funded Institute for Education Sciences (IES).

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Cognitive ToyBox is priced on a per-student, per-year basis, with discounts available for multi-year contracts and high-volume orders.

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Nikki Navta - Director of Partnerships and Sales
Telephone: 724-679-8323

Cognitive Toybox 
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