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Harness the power of visual learning with Britannica ImageQuest.
Britannica ImageQuest brings lessons, assignments, and projects to life with the best and broadest offering of curriculum-relevant imagery and digital art materials. Over 3.25 million images from more than 60 collections, all rights-cleared for educational, non-commercial use. Deliver high-impact visual lessons with Britannica ImageQuest.

Activate critical thinking and inquiry skills with LaunchPacks Social Studies and LaunchPacks Science.
One convenient interface streamlines searching among approximately 1,600 current, trustworthy, and relevant LaunchPacks. Each pack is dedicated to a specific topic, and features a variety of content types—articles, images, videos, and primary sources—ideal for lessons, classroom activities, projects, or assignments. Annotation tools allow teachers to facilitate close reading and build critical thinking skills while teaching core science or social studies concepts.

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Cooperative discount pricing available to all member districts for Britannica ImageQuest, Britannica LaunchPacks Science and Britannica LaunchPacks Social Studies.

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Sally Robinson - Regional Account Manager
Telephone: 214.454.1164

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