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ZippSlip is a cloud-based K-12 platform which is designed to eliminate all paperwork in a district and consolidate district communications. It works on any platform or device. The system is HIPAA and FERPA compliant and supports multiple languages with automatic and manual language translations for forms and communications.
ZippSlip is modularized into contact-free communications solutions, each of which may be enabled independently:

  1. Student Registration
  2. Permissions Slips, Medical Forms, Waivers, Surveys
  3. Athletic Forms and Sign-ups with Payments
  4. IEP Forms and Internal Forms Workflows
  5. Internal Staff Forms and Workflows
  6. Mass/Emergency Notifications: Text, email, recorded voice and push notifications from District staff to parents, students and staff.
  7. Chat – Teacher, Parent and Student: allows multilingual communication between school staff, parents and students with this robust chat feature.
  8. ZippGrams: multi-media content – video, images, polls and text

Pricing and Discount Information:

ZippSlip is modular in design. Modules range from $1.50 to $5.00 per student depending on the modules/services desired.

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Use the contact information below to request a quote or more information about the product.  To utilize the EdTech Cooperative pricing, reference the contract number below on your purchase order.

Contact Information:
Ravi Gorur, CEO
Telephone: 571-338-1479

ZippSlip Website

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This product was competitively bid by the Region 10 EdTech Cooperative.