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Mackin brings you this exceptional library management system designed for PK-12 schools: Accessit Library.

Accessit Library delivers easy and precise access to a school’s or district’s library catalog and is an essential part of its successful operation. Implementation of Accessit Library creates an environment where the library becomes the trusted hub that connects and integrates a school’s existing systems. Accessit Library offers a truly customizable and engaging patron experience to connect patrons to resources, curriculum and so much more. Paired with the multiple-award-winning digital content management system, MackinVIA, the combination creates a unique, versatile, and powerful tool.

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Custom district or school pricing available depending on products, sizes, and implementation. Reach out to Mackin’s Accessit Specialist for more information.

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Reach out to Mackin’s Accessit Specialist for a demo today! After demonstration of Accessit Library’s robust features, we will provide a customized quote. Quotes can then be turned to order once you’re ready for implementation.

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Accessit Specialist
Telephone: 800.245.9540

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