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BlueStreak Math is an online digital solution supporting K–9th grade students in math fluency. Teachers are able to off-load the task of teaching and assessing fluency and free up classroom time for higher-level math to avoid spending time on teaching fluency. This disruption opens the math block for more students to progress in higher-level mathematics. The adaptive engine differentiates for each student with a personalized learning path. Immediate and ongoing assessment feedback loops in the pre/post-tests, an integrated math gaming component, and a heat map that allows students to set goals and track progress. All data is real-time and available to stakeholders. Available in English or Spanish with both school and home access on iOS, Android or Windows App. BlueStreak Math is fun, easy to use, and focused. Students have no problem catching on as this is modeled after the games they play at home. BlueStreak provides flexible training options to get districts up and running easily. 

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BlueStreak Math
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