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Ascend Math® has proven results that enable students to achieve up to two or more grade level growth in one school year. This research based program is an on-line individualized instructional resource which identifies skill gaps, prescribes targeted instruction and motivates students success. Schools may use Ascend Math as a Core Math or a Supplemental Math Curriculum to target the needs of special populations including Tier II and Tier III Interventions, Special Ed, ELL, Gifted and Talented and Acceleration and Credit Recovery.

As a one to one learning resource students in the same class can work at their own pace at a level that is appropriate for each student while providing teachers and administrators valuable real time information for progress monitoring, appropriately grouping students in blended classroom environments. Ascend Math Study Plans are aligned to TEKS. Students utilizing Ascend Math have a proven track record of increased growth in and passing rates on STAAR.

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