pHCLE Certification Member

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The Blended Cohort prepares participants to become a Certified
Professional Human Capital Leader in Education (pHCLE). The
professional-level certification focuses on core human capital operations
and work done at the department, team, or individual level. All learning
aligns to the newly updated HCLE standards.
pHCLE is a test-based certification program. Starting in 2022, the exam
will be aligned to the new standards.
Who should participate?
The pHCLE certification is appropriate for anyone who has a stake in
improving people practices in education systems, including:
• HR department staff
• Building leaders—Principals, Assistant Principals, Head of Schools
• Public, private, and charter school executives including Superintendents,
Assistant Superintendents, Chiefs, and Department Directors
• School board members
• Educator preparation faculty
• State departments of education and other education-related government employees


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