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Glose for Education offers a collaborative and personalized digital reading platform for use in classrooms, schools, libraries, and at home. Offering access to more than one million e-books, Glose for Education fosters a social, fun, and engaging reading experience. Drawing on the familiarity and benefits of safe social networking, the platform empowers students to read and comprehend both on their own and with their peers. They can read, discover, annotate, and share text with other students. For instance, students can provide responses to reading passages with emojis, highlight their favorite parts, and pose questions to their peers and teachers. Glose for Education is available on iOS, Android, and the web, while also allowing for offline usage in order to ensure equitable access for all.

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10% off the standard list price, including fees for setup and platform. Additional book requests available for purchase can be submitted with platform requests or generated as custom booklists are needed.

Glose for Education

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